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Transform your home into a fragrant Awaji Island of your own. Experience incense crafting online.Reservation Required

Koh-shi: This is a title reserved exclusively for scent experts who support the incense industry on Awaji Island. You can experience authentic incense-making using natural materials, which are essential for the incense-making process. While learning about the characteristics of natural ingredients used as raw materials and the basics of blending fragrances, you'll create your own unique scent.

¥5,000 (Tax Included)/per group.
Experience the feeling of being an artisan using the incense kit.

The incense industry has been cultivated for over 170 years on Awaji Island.
While its methods are simple, they are profound, and each company has developed while inheriting secret blending recipes.
An experience kit has been created to learn the “ABCs” of incense making, filled with the skills and pride of Awaji Island artisans.
The kneaded incense can be shaped using gypsum molds or freely formed by hand or cookie cutters.
Enjoy making incense inspired by your own ideas, and feel free to start with ease.

The contents of the incense kit allow you to craft your own incense at home by just adding water.
Place all the ingredients in a mortar and mix them slowly with a pestle.
Press the kneaded mixture into the gypsum mold. After removing it, let it dry for about a week before use.

Detailed Information

Number of People
Maximum of 5 participants.
Up to 5 people can participate simultaneously from a single location.
Time Required
Approx. 60 minutes
Delivery method
¥ 5,000
Included in the price
Online experience fee and tax. Experience kits are sold separately. Kindly inquire for more detailed information.
Parchez: Kaori no Yakata

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