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Parchez: Kaori no Yakata

Crafting botanical perfumes that reflect your unique personality.Reservation Required/ Regularly scheduled

Create your signature scent with guidance from fragrance experts. Choose from 24 natural essential oils to craft a one-of-a-kind perfume.

¥3,800(Tax Included)/per person
Includes French-made perfume bottle and take-home bag.
Botanical perfume that is gentle on the body and mind.
Blend the selected essential oils to create your fragrance.

Experience Description

  1. Listen to the instructions from staff.

    Expert staff will provide explanations for each essential oil.

    Listen to the instructions from staff.
  2. Choose your favorite scent.

    Select approx. 10 from our array of 24 options.

    Choose your favorite scent.
  3. Determine the blending ratio.

    Decide on the blend ratios of the selected essential oils based on your preferences.

    Determine the blending ratio.
  4. Blend the essential oils.

    Carefully drop the specified number of drops, one by one, into the bottle to blend.

    Blend the essential oils.
  5. Confirm the fragrance.

    Check the scent of the finished perfume. (Adjustments can also be made if necessary).

    Confirm the fragrance.
  6. Completed!

    Your one-of-a-kind perfume is ready!


Detailed Information

Number of People
1-9 people. Consultation is required for groups of 10 or more.
Time Required
Approx. 50 minutes
Reception Hours
10:00-16:30. Start times vary depending on the day. We will contact you by email to discuss the start time after your application.
Included in the price
Perfume bottle, perfume, take-home bag, experience fee, and tax.
Parchez: Kaori no Yakata


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