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Experience incense crafting at Kunjudo and discover the rich history and culture of this aromatic product.Reservation Required

With over a century of history in incense crafting, Kunjudo offers a unique experience where visitors can learn about the history and culture of incense while enjoying hands-on workshops involved in crafting handmade incense. Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing precious incense ingredients and manufacturing processes through videos. The showroom, which features various incense products and fragrance goods, has relaxation areas and a kids' space available.

¥1,000(Tax Included)/per person

Experience Description

  1. Choose the incense color.

    Select one of three colors and mix it with water using a pestle and mortar.

    Choose the incense color.
  2. Choose your fragrances.

    Select your favorite scent from six fragrances and add them to the previously prepared mixture.

    Choose your fragrances.
  3. Flatten the mixture.

    Use a stick to spread and flatten the mixture.

    Flatten the mixture.
  4. Shape the incense.

    It's complete once the mixture is shaped into your preferred forms using cutters. Any leftovers can be made into cone-shaped incense.

    Shape the incense.
  5. Completed image

    Completed image

Detailed Information

Number of People
1 person or more
Kindly inquire separately for groups using the bus (capacity of up to 80 guests).
Time Required
Approx. 30 minutes
Reception Hours
10:00 - 15:00
Included in the price
Materials, experience fee, and tax.
No reservation required. Please confirm availability in advance for groups of 5 or more. Reservation of at least 1 week in advance is required for groups using the bus.
Kunjudo Co., Ltd.


For experience reservations and inquiries, please call the phone number below.

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